QuickView AR uses virtualiser technology to provide for a more cost effective and faster flooring supply chain.

Flooring Manufacturers

Get your product samples to market faster, with no need for physical travel or shipping samples.

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Flooring Wholesalers

Save time, money and travel when choosing the flooring samples you wish to distribute.

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Flooring Retailers

Allow your customer to see exactly what their floor will look like, in real time, using AR technology.

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Some of the features

Product ranges are updated instantly

Product samples are pushed instantly from manufacturer to wholesaler and retail.

Travel not required

No travel to see samples from the manufacturer, or to show samples to retailers.

Ready for your business

The software is ready to download on your device with your brand and your flooring range.

Empower your customer to make buying decisions

By being able to see the whole floor in place the customer can make a better, more informed purchasing decision.

Sample stock does not need to take up space

You don't need to hold physical samples on your premises or guess what samples you have the space to stock.

Connect, or reconnect, with your customers

QuickView allows you to better connect with your customer without the need to meet with them face to face.

What is a product virtualiser?

Learn about product virtualiser and AR technology.

You've got to see it to believe it

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