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Save time and money, and future-proof your business

Resilience in your wholesale business by not needing face to face contact

Eliminate the need for travel and sales calls to substantially reduce costs

Know what stock to order, with instant and accurate sample supply

is for

Flooring Wholesalers

Your customer can see your flooring product on their floor, in full and in real time.

One vertically integrated, instant sales solution

Receive the latest samples from your manufacturer. Push the latest range to your retailers. All in one app.

Your retailers can make faster buying decisions

There is no more lag between viewing products at the manufacturer and you getting to your retailers.

Physicality is no longer a barrier to sales

Your retailer can choose from a limitless range before you commit to buying stock - without you needing to visit them and show them only what you have pre-selected.

Give your retailer a branded app for their customer to make faster buying decisions.

Empower your retailer to have a more resilient business
To keep your business front of mind while your customer is in the process of choosing their flooring product.
Speed up the customers decision
By empowering them to make a decision and trying before they buy.
Keep connected
By sending your retailer the latest stock to show their customer.
What is a product virtualiser?

Learn about product virtualiser and AR technology.

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