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What you can virtualise, you can sell

Give your customers the tools to see how the product will look installed, before they buy

Don't limit your range just because it's too hard to transport

Future-proof your business by staying in close contact, without physical contact

is for

Flooring Retailers

Your customer can see your flooring product on their floor, in full and in real time.

Up-to-date product range

A constantly updated product range. Plus, the whole range is easy to view, with all the design faces for each color instantly available.

Your customers can take virtual samples home

Instead of asking your customer to take a sample piece of flooring home, you can get them to use your branded app to see their flooring options, live, in their own home.

Low barrier for entry

QuickView AR only requires a tablet in order to have a whole showroom at your fingertips. It also saves costs on floorspace that used to be required to hold and dispaly sample stock.

Give your customer your branded app to take home and virtualise their floor in real-time.

Empower your customer to make a faster, more informed buying decision.
To keep your business front of mind while your customer is in the process of choosing their flooring product.
Speed up the customers decision
By empowering them to make a decision and trying before they buy.
Keep connected
By sending them timely reminders when they live view their flooring.
What is a product virtualiser?

Learn about product virtualiser and AR technology.

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