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How it all started

Co-Founders Mark Bragg and Adam Reece have been in the Ceramic Tile Industry for many years. They became increasingly frustrated as the technical side of the tile industry outstripped the sales and marketing solutions. Tiles were getting bigger and bigger and therefore becoming harder and harder to display to the customer. Building larger and larger ‘bricks and mortar’ showroom was not an economic way to deal with the issue. The problem became even worse for the customer, who was expected to ‘imagine’ what their new floor might look like.

They teamed up with Sakthi Ranganathan (the third Co-founder), an industry leader in the mixed reality and AI world, and together they set about finding a solution. Sakthi’s wizardry was combined with Adam and Mark's industry knowledge, along with support from The New Zealand government's Callaghan Innovation programme, and QuickViewAR was born. QuickViewAR addresses all oftheir problems and, as it turns out, more.

With the disruption to traditional supply chains from Covid-19, QuickViewAR has become a tool that can meet the needs of the entire supply chain.

An industry problem fixed from within the industry.

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